“Jerusalem Electricity”: Restoring electricity to all areas affected by the outage in Jericho and the Jordan Valley

Jerusalem - Ma'an - The Jerusalem Governorate Electricity Company announced today, Monday, the restoration of power supply at 12:30 noon to all areas affected by the outages in Jericho and the Jordan Valley, in record time. The company confirmed in a statement: In response to the request of its subscribers in Jericho and Al-Aghwar Governorate, the technical and engineering teams in the governorate, in cooperation with technical teams from other governorates, moved since the dawn hours to develop the network infrastructure by doubling the number of technical workers on site to complete the required work in a timely manner. Standard, despite difficult climatic conditions and high temperatures. The company renewed its commitment to providing the best services to its subscribers in all franchise areas, stressing that the development plans for its networks come in the context of the plans and strategies drawn up by the company's general management. Source: Maan News Agency