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QNA Participates in International Media Forum on Recognition of the State of Palestine

Doha: Qatar News Agency participated in an international media forum titled "Media and the Palestinian Right: Practical Steps to Build on Palestine Recognition Initiatives." The forum was organized today by the Union of News Agencies of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (UNA) in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Institutional Communication of the Muslim World League. The forum, held via video conference, aimed to discuss practical steps to enhance international media cooperation in support of recognizing Palestine. It also sought to explore ways to promote media coverage of the situation in Palestine that encourages such recognition and contributes to enabling the Palestinian people to achieve their legitimate rights, foremost among them the establishment of an independent state. Participants included representatives from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and its affiliated bodies, media representatives from European countries that have officially recognized Palestine, as well as r epresentatives from international media organizations, religious leaders, and intellectual and cultural figures. The forum discussed several key topics, including practical steps to bolster international media cooperation regarding the recognition of the State of Palestine. This includes enhancing news exchange and supporting journalists' right to access conflict zones in Palestinian territories while ensuring their safety during their work. Additionally, the forum addressed ways to promote media terminology that supports the rights of the Palestinian people based on international law, and to avoid incorrect terms that distort their cause or undermine their humanity and legitimate rights as any other people worldwide. It also focused on supporting "peace journalism" and underscored the aim of this type of journalism to counteract bias towards violence in news coverage, providing journalistic content that promotes regional and international stability and encourages crisis resolution rather than exacerbating conflicts. The forum showcased practical examples of the work and sacrifices of Palestinian and international journalists in providing live and professional coverage of the conditions in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories. Source: Qatar News Agency