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9:00 Conference entitled: 'Justice for Gaza: The Role of International Law in Protecting Health, Education, and Civil Society Amid Conflicts,' organized by the Gaza Health Initiative and the American University of Beirut, taking place at the AUB Campus - West Hall Building 9:30 Foreign and Expatriate Affairs Committee, headed by MP Fadi Alama, meets at the Parliament House with the Regional Director of the Middle East Department at the World Bank, Jean-Christophe Carré, to discuss the World Bank's report on the cost of the Syrian displacement in economic and social terms in Lebanon 10:00 Session by the Parliamentary Information and Communications Committee, headed by MP Ibrahim Al-Moussawi, to complete the discussion of the Tele-Communications Minister's responses 12:00 Third and final consultative meeting to present and discuss mechanisms for developing means of digital transformation and mechanization in public administration, at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council - Downtown Beirut 17:30 A protest in front of the French Embassy, ??called for by the 'General Student Union' and the 'Students Against the Occupation Campaign,' denouncing the ongoing Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon, and the national campaign to free the prisoner George Abdallah Source: National News Agency - Lebanon