The UAE and the World Central Kitchen Foundation send the second aid shipment through the Gaza sea corridor

Abu Dhabi - Gaza - Together - The United Arab Emirates, in cooperation with the World Central Kitchen Foundation, sent the second relief aid shipment to the Gaza Strip via the sea corridor from Cyprus, in support of the Palestinians in light of the humanitarian crisis they are facing inside the Strip. The aid shipment, which was transported following improved weather conditions on board three ships and a barge, carries hundreds of tons of food supplies, enough to prepare more than a million meals, and includes ready-to-eat items, such as rice, flour, legumes, and proteins, in addition to additional food items. The sea corridor was launched to the Gaza Strip by sea through a collective international effort by the World Central Kitchen Foundation and the Open Arms Organization, in close partnership with the United Arab Emirates, and with support from Cyprus, with the aim of expanding The scope of humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip, in the context of the UAE's ongoing efforts aimed at supporting the Palest inians, and the importance of helping them by all available and innovative means, at all levels. It is noteworthy in this regard that during the recent period, the United Arab Emirates made continuous efforts in support of the Palestinians by sending 26,000 tons of urgent supplies, including food, water, and medical materials, which were provided through 229 flights, 19 airdrops, and 1,035 A truck and three ships, in order to deliver the food that the Palestinians desperately need to the Gaza Strip, as it cannot be brought in through the closed land crossings, which have an essential role in securing the flow of aid, in light of the humanitarian crisis they face, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. For its part, the World Central Kitchen Foundation made positive efforts by providing more than 43 million meals by land, air and sea to Palestinians facing famine, as a result of the unprecedented tragic conditions in the Gaza Strip. Source: Maan News Agency