Students learn about Bahrain’s rich history during fieldtrip

Bahrain Middle School seventh graders and Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students went on a fieldtrip to Bahrain Fort.

The fieldtrip for the 70 students was designed to learn about Bahrain's rich history and the ancient Dilmun civilization and to give students exposure to new educational opportunities and teach them the significance of using the skills of listening and observing during trip experiences.

The trip was also used to teach critical thinking to gain insights into how complex societies and civilizations shared the common characteristics of religion, job specialization, cities, government, language/record keeping system, technology, and social hierarchy.

The trip, supervised by seven teachers, including School Principal Shana Seawright, was also used to enhance the students’ understanding of collaboration by working in groups during team-building and motivational activities or problem solving.

Source: Bahrain News Agency