Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan stated that the first implementation steps of the decisions of the Arab Islamic Summit to launch a political process to achieve peace in Palestine will begin with a joint ministerial tour from China next Monday. The Saudi Foreign Minister stressed that priority now is to end the fighting in the Gaza Strip, emphasizing that the suffering of the population must stop. He added after his meeting with European Union Foreign Policy Chief, Josep Borrell, on the sidelines of the Manama Dialogue 2023 conference held in the Kingdom of Bahrain: 'We had an extensive discussion that clearly focused on the situation in Gaza, and reiterated our call for an immediate ceasefire and the absolute necessity of providing immediate humanitarian aid." He continued, saying: "We jointly launched the peace initiative several months ago, and what has happened since then clearly shows that peace was necessary, and progress towards a two-state solution was important for the security of the region and everyone." Minister Bin Farhan continued, "We hope that at some point we will be able to relaunch efforts towards permanent peace through the establishment of a Palestinian state, and we still feel that we are in urgent need of an immediate ceasefire." The final statement of the emergency Arab-Islamic summit in Saudi Arabia on November 12 announced that the assembled countries decided to break the siege on Gaza and impose the immediate entry of convoys of aid, food, medicine, and fuel into the Strip. The Arab and Islamic Summit assigned the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria and Palestine to initiate immediate international action to stop the war on Gaza. Source: National news agency - Lebanon