The first S.O.A.P (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) competition was organized by Gulf Medical University (GMU)- Intravenous and Parenteral Nutrition (IVPN) students club in collaboration with IVPN student listserv. This student club was launched on October 28th, 2021, by the GMU College of Pharmacy and encourages students to avail opportunities to build their leadership skills and open doors for networking with professional pharmacy practitioners, administrators, and pharmacy professors around the globe. Skill building opportunities include pharmacy practice, evidence-based pharmacy, mentorship, and many others. This S.O.A.P competition was a great opportunity to showcase our clinical skills, as S.O.A.P documentation is an important part of clinical practice.The competition comprised of 10 teams with two pharmacy students in Professional Year 4 or above, each from different Colleges of Pharmacy across the world.

Professional Year 4 pharmacy student Halima Sadia from the College of Pharmacy, QU Health, Qatar University, participated alongside teammate Nafis, a pharmacy student studying in Year 5 in GMU. These students were able to secure first place in this competition. This was a two-day competition consisting of two rounds. In the first round we were provided with an integrated clinical case and were asked to prepare a comprehensive pharmaceutical care plan and submit it within two hours. The students used relevant resources to provide appropriate recommendations for multiple drug-related problems that the patient had. Students were able to secure the highest score in this round and were then eligible for round 2 along with two other teams. On the second day of the competition, students presented the patient case with their recommendations in 5 minutes. In this round, they were judged on their presentation skills (verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal compassion, and professionalism among the team members), demonstration of pharmacotherapeutic knowledge and using evidence to support our answers, and how we respond to judges’ questions.

Halima Sadia commented: ‘I would like to highlight that I am extremely grateful to my college and the faculty members who have trained us to do effective S.O.A.P documentation throughout our academic years. I am happy that I was able to carry this knowledge forward and succeed in this competition.’

Dr. Feras Alali, Acting Dean of the College of Pharmacy commented: ‘I am really proud of our students’ achievements as it validates our clinical and patient-focused quality education and experiential training. We are also thankful for the host organization for offering such valuable opportunities for our students.’