Qatar Elected as Member of Organizational Committee of Peacebuilding Commission

The United Nations General Assembly elected by acclamation the State of Qatar, representing the Asia and Pacific Group, as a member of the Organizational Committee of the Peacebuilding Commission for 2023-2024 under the category of the General Assembly.

This is the first time that the State of Qatar has nominated itself for membership in the Organizational Committee of the Peacebuilding Commission due to its firm belief that conflict prevention, preventive diplomacy and peacebuilding efforts are crucial to achieve international peace and security and sustainable development.

The State of Qatar is considered one of the most important actors regionally and internationally. It uses preventive diplomacy and mediation as effective means to resolve regional and international disputes.

The State of Qatar will be a strong and effective member that will help the Peacebuilding Commission in increasing its impact and achievement.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs