Qatar Charity completes first phase of housing project for Syrian IDPs

Qatar Charity (QC) has completed the first phase of the housing project for internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in the camps of Ain-Aara and in the other camps located in northwest Syria. The project aims to preserve the human dignity of the expected beneficiaries by improving their living conditions.

The project is funded by OCHA's Syria Cross-border Humanitarian Fund (SCHF), and works on the construction of 250 housing units, each consisting of two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, replacing the tents with homes. The project also seeks to build 54 other housing units for IDPs families in other camps.

Besides, this project will build water and drainage infrastructure to ensure a better life for the beneficiaries, which will contribute to improving the situation in the targeted camps.

The residents of the Ain-Aara camp and other camps in northern Syria live in very problematic humanitarian conditions, especially in winter, when pedestrians are unable to move because of the mud caused by waterlogging.

"We came to this camp from more than 13 different villages,” said the director of Ain-Aara camp, Abu Mustafa. “We were displaced from our homes and found ourselves at the foot of this hazardous mountain occupied by snakes, scorpions, and stray animals,” added Abu Mustafa. He noted that the people suffer here under the scorching sun and in the blistering winter.

Furthermore, seven school tents were provided to replace the old ones, which were about to collapse.

The grounds of the new tents have been rehabilitated to make them suitable for the children. All school supplies have been provided to the students, in addition to equipping an administrative caravan next to the school. Qatar Charity is expected to deliver the housing units under this project during the third quarter of the current year.

It is worth mentioning that ‘Alamal City’, a housing project, is expected to be completed this year. This is a full-service residential city, the largest housing project for the IDPs in northern Syria, and one of the most important qualitative projects of Qatar Charity in the humanitarian field.

It aims to provide safe and sustainable homes for 1,400 displaced families, in addition to providing necessary social and service facilities for the people, especially in the fields of education, health, water, and sanitation. Some 13,800 Syrian IDPs are expected to benefit form the city and its facilities.

Source: Qatar Charity