Participants in ‘Dahab Expo’ stress its importance in introducing Syrian products

Participants in 'Dahab Expo' for clothes, shoes and leather 'Spring Summer 2024' in its first session, 'Shaaban al-Khair Session,' stressed the importance of specialized exhibitions in introducing Syrian products and their high quality and proving their ability to compete in the market locally and abroad. The exhibition is organized by Mashhadani International Group for Exhibitions and Conferences in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry. Various products of 110 companies specialized in the leather industry are being showcased in the expo, in addition to many antiques and handicrafts. In a statement to a SANA reporter, Walid al-Hussein, owner of Leen Company, which specializes in shoe manufacturing, underlined the importance of the exhibition because it provides them with an opportunity to display and promote their various products inside Syria and in the markets of neighboring countries. The participants in the expo stressed that it opens new horizons for them in their work, as ideas are shared with other companies through the meetings that take place during the days of the exhibition and the agreements and contracts that are concluded between industrialists and merchants, which would contribute to improving the industry, upgrading it, and expanding its outreach locally and abroad. Source: Syrian Arab News Agency