Number of Palestinian Women Administratively Detained in Israeli Occupation Prisons Increases

Ramallah, The number of Palestinian women administratively detained in Israeli occupation prisons has increased, since Oct. 7. 2023, to 25 women, including four journalists and a lawyer, in addition to students, and mothers and wives of martyrs and detainees. Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PLO) said in a statement on Tuesday that the occupation is holding 82 female Palestinian detainees captive, among the 25, in Al-Dumun Israeli prison, pointing out that these administratively detained Palestinian women do no include all of Gaza's female detainees in the detention camps, as many have been subjected to the continuing crime of enforced disappearance. After Oct. 7, 2023, the occupation issued more than 5,900 administrative detention orders, covering all categories, including men, women, children, and the elderly, as well as the most prominent category of freed detainees who spent years in administrative detention, in addition to journalists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, engineers, workers, jurists, a nd activists. The Israeli occupation continues to escalate administrative detention operations, at a rate historically unprecedented, in conjunction with its ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip, which has been ongoing for 221 consecutive days. The number of administrative detainees reached 3,424 by the end of April 2024. Source: Qatar News Agency