National Training Programme concludes

The national training program to enhance the capacities of those involved in the protection of human rights in the criminal justice system has concluded.

Public Prosecutor Dr. Ali bin Fadhl Al Bouainain attended the closing ceremony which was held at the Crowne Plaza.

The event was also attended by UN Development Programme Resident Representative Firas Gharaibeh.prosecutors, judges, public security officers and other officials.

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) organized the training programme in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Police and the Institute of Judicial and Legal Studies. Addressing the event, Dr. in achieving to achieve the Kingdom's future vision for the promotion of human rights.

"The unit has become the nucleus of continuous and effective cooperation between all concerned national institutions and agencies to create an integrated work system that ensures the application of the highest standards and principles of human rights, in light of the fruitful cooperation with the United Nations Development Program", he said.

He noted the importance of promoting human rights in the criminal justice system; so as to enforce the rule of the law, which can be achieved through an approach based on education and awareness for all those involved in law .

He highlighted adherence to national and international principles and standards governing human rights at all levels in a way that ensures work is carried out in that they carry out their work in accordance with international practices.

Dr. Al Buainain then honored the organizers of the program and all the session moderators and speakers, for their valuable efforts, hailing the distinguis possessed by the Kingdom of Bahrain in various fields of judicial, executive and legal work in Bahrain.

Source: Bahrain News Agency