Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, has been closely following up on the situation in south Lebanon through international, Arab, and local communications. Meanwhile, the PM has reportedly received calls from heads of states and governments, who expressed their deep concern vis-a-vis the ongoing developments. For his part, Mikati affirmed the Lebanese government's keenness on preserving security and stability in south Lebanon. He reiterated the paramount importance of maintaining calm along the Blue Line, adhering to UN Resolution 1701, and halting continuous Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty by air, land, and sea, and most importantly the withdrawal of Israeli forces from occupied Lebanese territories. The Prime Minister also disclosed that communications with friendly countries have revealed their commitment to keeping Lebanon safeguarded from the repercussions of the perilous situation in Palestinian territories. However, Mikati did not fail to reiterate the pressing need for Lebanon to elect a new president and end the prevailing political tensions. 'The danger looming over Lebanon does not tell specific parties or political factions apart. Still, it will seriously affect all the Lebanese and the entire Lebanese situation if not swiftly addressed,' Mikati added, noting that 'amid the challenging circumstances facing the region, it is no longer acceptable for internal divisions and disputes to linger over issues that go beyond current events and potential consequences. Polarizations and incitement must end, and all sides must unite, especially amid one of the most dangerous and uncertain phases on the level of expectations, choices, and possibilities." Mikati further noted that 'what is happening within Palestinian territories is an inevitable result of Israel's approach towards the Palestinian people and their legitimate demands (…) resolving this ongoing conflict should begin with the international community handling its responsibilities and pressuring Israel to reclaim the path leading to peace, namely the Arab Peace Initiative issued at the Beirut Summit back in 2002.'

Source: National News Agency - Lebanon