Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, has announced the launch of two new initiatives to support the UAE community in the wake of the recent weather conditions in the country. In a swift and effective response to support the efforts of the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Emergency Management in Dubai and in coordination with the Emirates Red Crescent Authority in Dubai, the Group is allocating AED 17 million from the legacy of the late Mohammed Khalifa Al Suwaidi to repair damage to the homes of Emirati families, in addition to providing hotel rooms at the Group's hotels to accommodate affected families, and a number of Emirati families from Dubai whose homes were damaged have already been hosted at the Group's hotels in Al Habtoor City. These initiatives are part of Khalaf Al Habtoor's ongoing commitment to support the UAE community in times of crisis, highlighting the important role that private organisations play in helping those affected and lending a helping hand during diffi cult times. In addition, Al Habtoor Group has collaborated with the Dubai Community Development Authority (DCDA) to host weddings for residents of Al Lisaili as part of the 'Dubai Weddings' program at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in Jumeirah. The collaboration comes to avoid postponing any scheduled ceremony due to the effects of the recent weather conditions. Commenting on the recent events, Khalaf Al Habtoor expressed his deepest solidarity with the affected families, emphasizing that the goal of these efforts is to "ensure that every family affected by the emergency is safe and stable and can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible." "Within our modest means, we stand side by side with government agencies and charitable organisations to face the challenges posed by nature and promote the spirit of cooperation and solidarity that is one of the core values of the UAE society," he added. Khalaf Al Habtoor's initiative in July 2022, which provided 300 hotel rooms to shelter families affected by the rains and floods in the Eastern Province, is part of the group's ongoing series of measures to help those affected in the UAE. The capacity of these rooms exceeded 600 people, emphasizing the Al Habtoor Group's pioneering role in supporting the community and providing assistance in times of need. Al Habtoor is committed to continue these efforts, expressing its full solidarity with UAE families and emphasizing its readiness to provide whatever is necessary to ensure that these crises are overcome safely and securely, in line with the values of brotherhood and solidarity embodied by the UAE. Source: National news agency - Lebanon