On the sidelines of his participation in the sixth session of the China-Arab Radio and Television Cooperation Forum, Caretaker Information Minister Ziad Al-Makary signed today a cooperation agreement with the Minister of Radio and Television Administration of the Central Chinese Government, Zhao Chuan, aiming to enhance bilateral cooperation in the field of radio, television, and audio-visual media through the Internet, and supporting cooperation between media and television production institutions. The agreement allows for mutual cooperation in various media productions, including television series, animation and documentaries, the exchange of news and programs, and cooperation in broadcasting. Both Ministers Makary and Chuan seized the opportunity to emphasize the need to strengthen the relationship between Lebanon and China at all levels. Earlier Sunday, Minister Makary took part in the China-Arab Radio and Television Cooperation Forum held in the city of Hangzhou in China, in the presence of the Deput y Governor of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, and several Arab information ministers and senior leaders of Zhejiang Province. In his delivered word on Lebanon's behalf, Makary commended China's valued heritage, saying: 'I am pleased to visit China, this ancient and longest-lived country in history, whose antiquity cannot be described no matter how long we speak about it, and we may certainly need volumes to talk about its leadership in architecture, industry, agriculture, and technology, medicine, language, music, dance, literature, and martial arts.' He added: "I am pleased to visit China and to partake in this conference that strengthens the ties between our two civilizations," highlighting the depth of the relationship between Beirut and Beijing by saying: 'The relationship between my country, Lebanon, and China, is humanitarian in the first place, and goes beyond the standards of interest on which relations between countries are based..." Makary went on, "Ironically, Lebanon is one of the smallest countries in area and least populated, while China is one of the largest countries in terms of area and most populated...We differ in area and population, but we converge in history, ambition, and humanity...The Lebanese and Chinese peoples enjoy a great history, and just as China was famous in ancient times for philosophy and medicine, the capital, Beirut, was famous for its laws. Just as China was the first to discover ink, Lebanon's Byblos was the first to export the letter.' "We want our Lebanon to be more and more present in the heart of China, and we also want China to be more and more present in the heart of Lebanon, especially since it is present in our hearts as Lebanese through its soft policy and flexible diplomacy regionally and in the Arab world," affirmed Makary, thanking China for its distinguished and honorable hospitality and warm welcome. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon