Call to prayer sounds again in Grand Umayyad Mosque, Old Aleppo City after 12 years

Aleppo, Maghrib Azan (call to prayer) has sounded again in the Grand Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo City, announcing the return of life to this religious and historical hub after 12-year hiatus, and that came follwoing its cleansing of terrorism and its rehabilitation. That came during a Ramadan Iftar banquet Sunday that brought together 1,400 residents of the neighborhoods of Aleppo City and the workers and craftsmen who have contributed to the rehabilitation and construction of this archaeological landmark. The banquet came as part of the 'Share in Goodness' campaign launched by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in cooperation with the Syria Trust for Development and the Union of Charitable Societies in Aleppo, according to what the Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Aleppo, Ahmed Hamza, said. In a statement to a SANA correspondent, Hamza stressed the importance and significance of this banquet and its specialty for the people of old Aleppo, as it gathered them in this great religious edifice and g ave them the joy of hearing the sound of the call to prayer, which they were deprived of for years, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. The banquet included religious chanting, in which the artist Tayseer Idris participated, and religious chants from Mawlawiyah. Source: Syrian Arab News Agency