House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Wednesday expressed hope that the Lebanese parliament would be able to achieve a successful presidential election soon. "Everyone is required to realize that Lebanon doesn't enjoy the luxury of wasting time in light of the rapidly deteriorating financial, economic, and living conditions, especially now that the US dollar's black market exchange rate has exceeded LBP 100,000,' Berri said. 'I do not hide my concern that prolonging the presidential vacancy and obstructing the work of institutions will bear catastrophic repercussions from which no one will be spared, even disrupters themselves,' warned Speaker Berri, adding that the election of a president 'is the key to the solution that paves the way to the country's rescue path.' "Lebanon possesses all the ingredients for advancement and recovery from the crises it is facing; all of this depends on investing in sincere intentions and benevolent wills, most importantly realizing that Lebanon is too small to be divided and that there is no option to resolve outstanding issues, no matter how big or small, except through dialogue and consensus,' Berri explained. As for dividing Beirut in municipal elections Speaker Berri said, 'The Development and Liberation Bloc refuses any text that legislates the division of the capital in any municipal election law. Dividing the capital is dividing Lebanon. We are taking into account equality and Islamic-Christian partnership." Regarding the fresh deal between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Berri affirmed that "this agreement will cast positive shadows on the situation in the entire region." Regarding the Syrian refugee file, Speaker Berri stressed that "the international community must assume its full humanitarian, moral, and legal responsibilities resolving refugee-related issues,' noting that the key to approaching this matter is by 'opening channels of communication with Syria." Berri's words came before a delegation representing the "National Balance Gathering', with whom he discussed the country's latest political developments.

Source: National News Agency-Lebnon