Lebanese Forces Party Chief, Samir Geagea, considered that 'the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, wants to get rid of Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, for two reasons, namely that the Army Chief was able to build an entity status for the military institution and prevent him (Bassil) from interfering in it, especially with regard to military formations...while the second reason lies in the fact that Bassil fears the Army Chief on grounds that the 'Aounists' listen to him, and hence, he can possibly be a competitor to him...' Geagea's words came during his meeting today at the LF general headquarters in Maarab, with students from 'Sagesse' and 'Sacred Family' Universities following their victory in the recent student elections held on their campuses. 'Despite everything we are witnessing in Lebanon, Palestine, Gaza, and the entire region, we see that Bassil's main concern today is removing Joseph Aoun from the army leadership, in the midst of this difficult circumstance...' Geagea af firmed. He hailed the Army Commander's success in managing the military institution throughout the past six years which were filled with numerous challenges, saying: 'Therefore, starting from here, this post ought not to be changed, especially since everyone knows well that in times of war, officers are not changed.' Referring to the students visiting him, Geagea congratulated them on their achieved victory in the student elections and thanked them for their hard work, expressing his joy at the extent of their enthusiasm and hoping for a more promising future for the Lebanese Forces march. Source: National News Agency - Lebanon