11 Missing Due to Floods in Guangdong Province in Southern China

The Emergency Management Department in Guangdong Province, southern China, announced Monday that a total of 11 people were missing following continuous heavy rainfall that struck many parts of the province in recent days, adding that search and rescue operations are still underway. The recent heavy rainfall affected many areas, resulting in damage to homes, blocking roads, and landslides, according to Xinhua News Agency. A total of 53,741 people were evacuated across the province, with 12,256 people being urgently resettled, in addition to severe damage causing direct economic losses of about 140.6 million yuan (about $19.8 million), the Emergency Management Department said. Areas in China are often exposed to typhoons that form in the warm oceans east of the Philippines in the summer and fall and then move west. Experts say that climate change has led to an increase in the intensity of tropical storms, as increased rainfall and strong winds have led to flash floods and caused damage to coastal areas. S ource: Qatar News Agency