Youth Minister: Qatar Needs Youth to Push Ahead Development Process

Doha, June 24 (QNA) – HE the Minister of Youth and Sports Salah bin Ghanim bin Nasser Al Ali paid today evening an inspection visit to Qatar Social and Cultural Center for Blind and Doha Youth Center.

In a statement, HE the Minister said that the ministry, in accordance with its vision and strategy, will support all youth centers, expressing his confidence in youth centers and their ability to achieve and translate the ministry’s vision and strategy on the ground.

He pledged the ministry’s moral and material support to youth centers to resolve all problems facing them, especially in relation to the allocation of land or new buildings needed by the centers.

He noted that the ministry would supervise these centers to ensure that they implement its vision and strategy.

HE the Minister stressed the importance of supporting young people by programs and activities of interest for Qatari youth, saying that Qatar is in a dire need to its young people to push ahead the development process.

HE Al Ali expressed his confidence that the Qatari youth are capable to prove to the world that Qatar is not only a producer of oil and gas but a country with young talents capable of developing and promoting their nation in all walks of life.

Speaking about challenges facing the country, he said that the ministry is addressing these issues to attain the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030. (QNA)

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