Yemeni Warplanes Bomb Houthi Insurgent Positions in Northern Yemen

Sana’a, June 20 (QNA) – Yemeni warplanes today launched air strikes on strongholds of Houthi gunmen in Imran governorate in northern Yemen.

Security sources in the governorate said warplanes bombed in the afternoon today several sites of Houthi militants group stationed at Zifan fort, the Junction of the Central Prison, Al Salata position, Mount Aldan and Al Mahshash. They also bombed several Houthi positions in the Directorate of Hamedan and Bani Matar, west of Sana’a.

The sources said the bombing came after fierce battles between the army and the insurgents in which the two parties used various types of light and heavy weapons. Dozens were killed and wounded in the fighting, the source added.

It pointed out that the army managed to recapture the area of Bani Memon in Imran governorate from the hands of the Houthi insurgents, in coincedence with a military campaign to restore the area of Al Zafeer in the Directorate of Bani Matar in Sana’a governorate.

The source explained that the army had made significant progress on all fighting front and gave the Houthi gunmen 24 hours to withdraw from the area Zafeer in Bani matar Directorate and several sites Directorate of Hamedan, after the intervention of tribal mediators. The army added that the gunmen took the number of schools and turned them into military barracks after storming government installations in the vicinity of Imran city. (QNA)

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