WOQOD Unveils 5-year Plan, Set to Establish 100 Fuel Stations by 2018

Doha, June 23 (QNA) – Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) has revealed the main features of its upcoming five-year plan (2014-2018), according to which the company is set to establish 100 new fuel stations by 2018.

WOQOD CEO Ibrahim Jaham Al Kuwari said the plan, which is in its final stages of preparations, is in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and the huge modernization and development efforts in Qatar as well as in preparation for the upcoming 2022 World Cup, due to be hosted by Qatar.

The plan will focus on a number of aspects including fuel stations, technical inspection centers (Fahes), Q-JET for jet fuel, WOQOD Marine Services Company, bitumen, butane gas, Sidra convenience stores, and other projects, a press release by WOQOD said Monday.

Due to the large increase in the population of Qatar residents, currently estimated at more than 2.1 million, as well as the increased demand for the various petroleum products and the shutting down of some local stations for different reasons, there has been an urgent need for increasing the number of stations in order to meet the needs of the residential, industrial and trade sectors.

WOQOD currently owns 23 operating fuel stations distributed across the country. In addition, it manages six stations owned by individuals, governmental or semi-governmental institutions. Some of these stations are mobile and located in remote areas or across sea shores serving a limited clientele in these specific regions.

Work is currently in progress at five new stations in Al-Wakra, Al-Wajba, Al-Jumailiya, Lusail, and Al-Thakhira. Some of projects are nearly completed but all of them are expected to operate by the first quarter of 2015.

Specific consideration was given to the geographic distribution of these stations to best serve the largest sectors of residents of these areas and to serve the needs of industrial complexes and construction projects. (MORE)

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