WOQOD Unveils 5-year Plan, Set to Establish 100 Fuel Stations by 2018 / 2

As for Fahes, In addition to its main center at the industrial zone, works related to construction, equipment and pilot operations at the centers of Wadi Al-Banat and Al-Maamoura have completed and full operation is expected by the first quarter of 2015. Design work is completed for new centers in some areas such as Barwa Al-Baraha, Al-Khor and Al-Shahaniya.

Q-JET, the exclusive and only provider of jet fuel in Qatar and a subsidiary of WOQOD, started operations in the hydraulic supplies of airplanes arriving at Hamad International Airport in May. It finalized logistic preparations and arrangements, and completed the organization of several practical on-ground workshops about supplying jet fuel operations. As part of WOQOD’s upcoming strategy, Q-JET plans to develop modern infrastructure and mechanical equipment that allows for serving all various categories and classes of air vehicles, regardless of its sizes, through ground supply pipes.

On WOQOD Marine Services Company, the press release said WOQOD currently owns five marine vessels with an estimated total operational capacity of 45 thousand metric tons. The vessels are used for the purposes of transporting bitumen and diesel, in addition to other trade purposes. The new five-year plan envisions expanding the operational capacity of WOQOD Marine Services’ fleet by increasing the number of new vessels, expected to reach 8-10 vessels by the end of 2018.

As for bitumen, in light of the economic and urban development of the country especially projects related to the 2022 World Cup and the need for bitumen 60/70 in both enhanced and polymer forms for road projects and other facilities, and because of the increasing local demand, WOQOD has signed an MoU with the Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) for supplying the latter’s projects with the needed amounts of bitumen.

In turn, and to meet the demands of the ASHGHAL projects, WOQOD will invest about QR70 million to expand the storage facilities at Mesaieed area and increase its operational capacity to exceed 20,000 metric tons of bitumen.

WOQOD also mentioned the current cooperation with Texas A and M University in the fields of research on enhanced bitumen, where the university adopted the specifications of WOQOD for enhanced bitumen because of its compliance with international standards. This cooperation further prompted ASHGHAL to adopt these products in its current and future projects. (MORE)

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