WHO Urges China To Monitor Spread of H7N9 among Humans

Geneva, - The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Sunday called for Beijing to monitor whether the fatal H7N9 bird flu virus gains the ability of sustained human-to-human transmission following reports of limited cases.

The virus so far has not spread among humans in most cases.

From January 1 until February 23, 94 deaths from H7N9 have been reported on the mainland.

Most human cases have been traced to exposure or contact with sick poultry.

"Authorities should be vigilant, and assess whether the virus gains the ability of sustained human-to-human spread," said Bernhard Schwartlander, WHO's representative in China.

Kelvin said he was alarmed by the rising number of such cases this season.

"We strongly believe H7N9 has the capacity for human-to-human transmission," Kelvin said, adding it was "alarming" that the H7N9 virus continued to mutate. (QNA)

Source: Qatar News Agency