WB’s President to Embark on A Three-State Arab Tour on June 1 /1/

On the other hand, Kim stressed “we work in very tough situations all over the world. We work in some of the poorest countries in Africa. We work in conflict zones all over the world. And we want to bring a message that there are things we can do right now in terms of our support for Jordan and Lebanon.”
Elaborating Kim said, “There is so much we should be able to do in increasing our global support for Jordan and Lebanon, and we need to prepare for peace now. And we need to provide a vision for what this Region … might look like after the conflict, especially in Syria, has died down,” he affirmed.

He continued “it is a vision for what we can all accomplish together, and we want to bring to the Region some of the great innovations and exciting ideas about how to build more regional integration, for example, that we’ve learned in other parts of the world.”
“That is what the new World Bank is going to be. The new World Bank that we’re building right now is one in which any innovation that has happened in any part of the world will be available to every country that is part of the World Bank Group, and we think that there are tremendous insights from Africa, from Latin America, from Asia, that may be very helpful in this Region, but that’s the conversation we want to have and not simply lament the fact that there’s no peace,” he noted.

He added “we want to change the discussion toward one of optimism, commitment, and conviction to build that post-conflict world that I think people throughout the Region want.” “We are very committed to finding a solution. We are committed to the Region. We are committed to continuing in the area, despite the obstacles, because it is so important not just for the Region but for the world,” he affirmed.(END)

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