Qatar University’s (QU) Volunteer and Civic Engagement Center marked the international day of Public Service to shed light on the importance of public service and its human value, enhance the role in the development process, and encourage society to play an active social role.

Emad Abou Deiah, Service Learning Specialist at Center, commented on QU's role in raising the awareness of public services such as volunteering. He said, “QU helped to strengthen the concept of volunteering among universities and the Qatari population in general. Students and the community benefit from volunteer initiatives. The program is designed to target a variety of volunteer fields and community service opportunities that appeal to all of their interests. QU hosted a number of events aimed at increasing volunteerism awareness.”

“The university offers an annual incentive prize to students who volunteer; the award is intended to encourage them to continue volunteering and to encourage the rest of the university community to do so as well.” Emad adds.

Mubarak Al-Dosari, Senior Community Program specialist at the Center, said, “The University’s volunteer activities play an important role in enhancing and developing students' skills and knowledge. Which allows them to gain expertise in volunteer fields, allowing them to become an influential leader figure in his life. As a result, it is vital to create high-quality output programs, which will help to enhance the community's voluntary culture.”

Maha Al-Marri, Volunteer Program Specialist, talked about the Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center. She said, "The center is one of important volunteer centers in the community. After the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual volunteering is also becoming part of the center policy where the importance of volunteering doubled.”

"The center has played an important role in the national campaign to stand up to this pandemic for Qatar.” Maha adds.

Shaikha Al- Kuwari, Senior Volunteer Program Specialist, commented, “Volunteer programs allow the students to participate in society actively. Through planning, developing the solutions, and exchanging their creative ideas. These programs contribute to increasing student confidence, and they allow them to achieve and set their goals. In addition, the student will develop their social and interpersonal skills.”