UN Chief Urges Afghan Candidates to Conclude Unity Government Deal

Kabul, September 12 (QNA) United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on Afghan presidential candidates to accept the comprehensive vote audit result and conclude a deal on national unity government formation in accordance with commitments they rreachedon 12th July.

“The Secretary-General emphasises that this is a pivotal moment for Afghanistan, and that genuine partnership will be required in tackling Afghanistan’s many challenges. Both parties share a real responsibility to guide Afghanistan to a peaceful and more prosperous future. Given the scale of the challenges, this can only be done jointly,” the UN Secretary General’s spokesman was quoted by Afghan Khaama Press as saying following a statement.

The statement further added, “The Secretary-General notes that in the 12 July agreement, reached with the support of US Secretary of State John Kerry, and their signed communique of 8 August, the two candidates agreed to accept the result of a comprehensive nationwide audit of the presidential election run-off results and form a government of national unity.”
“With the main audit completed on 4 September and the announcement of updated results anticipated shortly, the Secretary-General expects that the candidates will now abide by their commitments to enable Afghanistan’s first ever peaceful transfer of power,” the statement added.

This comes as presidential contender Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said Monday that his team will not accept the vote results, accusing the electoral bodies for being involved in massive fraud in favour of his rival Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.(QNA)

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