UAE to host World Customs Organization IT Conference and Exhibition 2013 in Dubai

DUBAI: Dubai Customs (DC) today announced that Dubai will host the World Customs Organization (WCO) IT Conference and Exhibition 2013 in May next year which will be held under the title: “Effective Solutions for Coordinated Border Management,” with the participation of several decision-makers in the customs and IT sectors.

DC made the announcement in a press conference on the sidelines of GITEX 2012 at Dubai World Trade Centre in presence of Executive Director of Customs Development Juma Al-Ghaith and Executive Officer of the Strategy and Budget Office of the WCO Secretary General Greg Pilkington.

Al Ghaith said around 800 local, regional and international customs and security technology experts and representatives of WCO are expected to participate in the conference which will be held from 14-16 May, 2013.

The team tasked with organizing the WCO IT Conference and Exhibition 2013 will meet with concerned government parties in Dubai to deliver the necessary facilities to the participants in the three-day event.

He added that the conference will contribute to boosting Dubai’s role in safeguarding information security and upgrading electronic interconnectivity among customs agencies and will promote specialized technologies and systems to facilitate the flow of legitimate trade and combat the entry of banned and counterfeited goods in the UAE and all the participating countries as well.

Hosting such a world event in Dubai, for the first time in the Middle East, reflects the pioneering role of the UAE in coordinating international efforts by security agencies at entry ports, including customs administrations, security and environment institutions, to combat the entry of banned items and facilitate the flow of legitimate trade, according to Dubai Customs.

The UAE’s efforts to enhance coordination and cooperation among international customs agencies is in implementation of the WCO’s Customs in the 21st Century vision which rests on Coordinated Border Management and entails the establishment of the necessary mechanisms to achieve that goal by customs stakeholders, it said.

He noted that specialized IT issues related to customs business, such as monitoring, inspection and technological solutions designed to facilitate legitimate trade, will be discussed in the WCO IT Conference and Exhibition 2013 which will also look into activities carried out by customs stakeholders in the fields of trade, transportation, logistics services and border protection.

The official pointed out that the conference and exhibition will present effective solutions to the border management and control issues that are now among the major concerns of customs decision makers and other business sectors worldwide.

The event, he further noted, will enhance the image of Dubai and promote its prominent stature as a host and organizer of specialized conferences and exhibitions due to its strategic location and advanced infrastructure.

“Dubai succeeded, in the past years, in hosting several global events some of which were held for the first time in the region – such as the 2003 meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the 2008 International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-piracy in addition to other international economic, sports, medical, technological and cultural events.” Hosting and organising such world events will enhance UAE’s role in shaping and directing the international decisions on various issues, Al Ghaith said, citing the importance of the event in boosting Dubai’s presence in the press and other visual and audio media outlets that have been shedding light on the emirate’s success and achievements on the regional and international levels, according to the official.

Al Ghaith also said that Dubai’s hosting of the WCO IT Conference and Exhibition will lend big support to the UAE’s bid to host the World Expo 2020. The winning country will be announced in November 2013.

explaining that participants in the conference, who are Customs is keen on employing the best inspection practices and latest technologies capable of dealing with huge quantities of goods of various types to accomplish its day-to-day inspection duties at the country’s land, sea, and airports of entry, facilitate the flow of legitimate trade and to curb the entry of forbidden and counterfeit items.

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