UAE Representative to United Nations in Geneva delivers statement before Human Rights Council

Geneva: Ambassador Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, UAE Permanent Representative to United Nations and Other International Organisations in Geneva has delivered the UAE’s statement before the Human Rights Council’s session The Council held its 21st session within the framework of 7th chapter regarding the report of Secretary General on progress achieved so far in implementation of the resolutions of fact finding mission on Gaza Conflict.

Al Zaabi underlined that after four years of the aggression, the Israeli repression policies are still going on in the Palestinian territories. He cited the Secretary General’s report that 75 per cent of the demolished buildings in Gaza, among others, family residences, schools and hospitals, are not yet rebuilt. Over 4, 500 Palestinians, including 210 children and 14 members of parliament are still in the Israeli prisons.

The UAE ambassador thanked the international organisations, among others, UNICEF, WHO and UNRWA for their humanitarian assistance to Palestinians.

He enquired about future of the resolutions issued by the Council amid the Israeli’s rejection to cooperate with the Council.

Al Zaabi denounced violence and terrorism being exercised by the occupation authority in all the Palestinian territories, calling on the Council to continue its efforts to assist the Palestinian people establish their independent state, whose capital is Eastern Jerusalem in accordance with the 1967 borders.

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