UAE calls for international measures to protect cultural diversity and identity

WAM Abu Dhabi, 31st Dec. 2012 (WAM) — Speaker of Federal National Council (FNC) Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr has stressed the need for setting international standards and regulations to safeguard civilisational identities and cultural diversity.

”Inter-cultural dialogue has become a necessity and strategic principle to counter mounting international changes, risks threatening human stability and communities and negative fall-out of globalisation,” Al Murr said in an interview to Dira’a Al Watan magazine of the UAE Armed Forces.

”Any constructive and successful dialogue among civilisations and cultures should be based on the conviction of cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity and respect for religions as the away for building the common future for humanity,” he added.

He called for adopting the Stockholm Declaration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1998) as a framework for the cultural content of globalisation.

Locally, he said the FNC set reaching out to community and engaging it in decision-making process as a top priority of its course of actions.

Since its creation, the house passed hundreds of bills on different economic, trade, cultural, social, educational, demographic fields.

Since its inception in 1972 up to the end of the first ordinary meeting of 15th legislative term on 26 June 2012, the FNC held 487 sessions, made seven constitutional amendments, passed 309 bills, approved 196 drafts of the Union budget, and turned down seven draft laws while the government withdrew 17 others.

The house debated 280 topics, raised 480 questions to government representatives, issued 243 recommendations and issued 63 statements.


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