Twenty People Killed and Injured in Central Tikrit

Baghdad, June 22 (QNA) – Police in Salaheddin Province in northern Iraq today announced that 20 people were killed or wounded in a helicopter gunship bombing that targeted a gathering near a petrol station in central Tikrit.

A police source said a helicopter gunship bombed today a gathering near a filling station in the centre of Tikrit, killing seven people and wounding 13 others .

The source added that the air strike was was carried upon a tip-off that armed men were gatherings in the city.

In another development, consultant of the governor of Salaheddin for Women Affairs Omayyah Naji Jubara was killed in a clash with gunmen from Daash organization or the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISSI), east of Tikrit. Two members of Daash were killed and three others injured in clashes with security force backed by tribal members in Al Alam area, east of Tikrit in northern Iraq.

In Basra, the Police Directorate announced the arrest of a Daash member in accordance with Article IV of the Anti-Terrorism Act and also arrested a fugitive inmate from the Badush regional prison in Mosul.(QNA)

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