Turkey Welcomes Ceasefire in Gaza

Ankara, August 05 (QNA) – Turkey has welcomed Egypt’s proposal of a 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza that came into effect at 08:00 local time on Tuesday.

Turkey urged Israel to stop its attacks on the Gaza Strip and called on both sides to avoid any steps that would violate the three-day ceasefire.

The Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement that “we wish that this truce will form the required basis for negotiations to reach a lasting ceasefire in Gaza,” according to Turkish (Anadolu) news agency
“It should be understood that a lasting ceasefire in the region will only be possible with the lifting of the blockade in Gaza,” it added.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu also said that he was pleased that the ceasefire was reinstated. Davutoglu said that he talked to Hamas leader Khaled Mashal on the phone and was informed that the ceasefire was being implemented.

The ceasefire started amid hopes that it will hold to give the two sides enough time to reach a durable truce. (QNA)

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