TRA extends deadline for registration of mobile subscribers

Abu Dhabi: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has confirmed the extension of the deadline for the registration of mobile subscribers that comes in the context of the campaign launched by the TRA, “My Number, My Identity”, organized in cooperation with licensees in the UAE “etisalat” and “du” to raise awareness about the new procedures governing registration requirements for subscribers to get SIM cards and mobile services from licensees.

Licensees will extend the timeframe for the first category and include it in the second category due date since the licensees were unable to provide smooth mechanisms to facilitate, accelerate and stimulate subscribers to update their data.

Furthermore, the TRA instructed the licensees to improve their mechanisms and increase the capabilities of all their commercial outlets where subscribers can easily access those locations to update their information.

The TRA also instructed the operators to speed up the launch of the online registration services to accelerate the process and ease the load on the commercial outlets.

The TRA encourages all subscribers to come forward and update their information in order to safeguard their privacy to avoid getting into legal or financial accountabilities caused by the misuse of those numbers by others.

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