Supreme Committee for Delivery Keen on Improving Worker Welfare

Doha, July 31 (QNA) – The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy stressed Thursday that it took allegations regarding violations of the Qatari work law very seriously, adding that all incidents reported were under investigation.

The committee released a statement today saying it was always committed to guaranteeing the rights of workers, since it presented its bid to host the World Cup 2022.

The committee commented in its statement on a report by British newspaper the Guardian. The statement said that “the Supreme Committee does take very seriously the matter of worker welfare in Qatar.” adding that it was currently investigating the Guardian’s report regarding Amana Contracting & Steel Buildings.

The committee maintained that the challenges facing it in that regard were complex due to the fast-growing market. As a result, the committee said it cannot resolve the issues overnight, although significant progress was made in improving control systems.

The committee said that Amana contracting cooperated with the committee’s monitors, who ensured all workers received their paycheck promptly via a monthly transfer. However, the committee maintained that some challenges, such as calculating overtime, remained an issue.

The committee highlighted that it has moved swiftly to resolve nagging issues such as securing healthy working environment and homes for all workers. Companies working with the committee now also provide a number of services to the workers including free meals, dry cleaning, medical facilities and internet access at home.(MORE)

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