Supreme Committee for Delivery Keen on Improving Worker Welfare-1

The statement added that the committee took reports of incidents of confiscation of workers’ passports very seriously. The committee stressed that the law prevents any contractor from confiscating their workers’ passports. the statement revealed that the contract with Amana strictly said that the company can only take the passports from workers if the latter choose to hand it in, with the purpose of saving it with the company. The company must obtain a written approval for that to take place and cannot, under any circumstance, then hold the passport against the worker’s will. The committee welcomed any contribution made by third parties presenting information that can improve working conditions.

On the Guardian’s and Amnesty International’s report on Lee Trading, the committee said that the company mentioned did not work with them in any of its projects. That did not prevent Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy from expressing its dismay at the company’s behavior regarding paying the workers’ wages. The statement said that the issue was presented to concerned authority after Amnesty International and revealed that the majority of the cases were resolved either by allowing the workers to go back home or to move to other companies for those who wanted to stay in Qatar. (END)

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