Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Meets HE Qatari Ambassador

Washington, April 30 (QNA) – Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Rep. John Boehner met Wednesday HE Mohammed Jaaham Al Kuwari , Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States.

During the meeting, they discussed relations between Qatar and the United States and the latest developments in the Middle East .

HE the Ambassador delivered a speech to senior U.S. Congress officials on foreign affairs, at the headquarters of the Congress under the title ” How can the U.S. Congress strengthen Qatari -American relations” in which he stressed the importance of boosting relations between the two countries.

He pointed to the role the U.S. Congressmen can play in formulation of U.S. policies ,reaffirming independence of Qatar’s foreign policy , saying Qatar is not biased to any trends or specific ideologies but it favours only its own principles set up since its inception.

HE Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States noted that Qatar is working to create atmosphere for expressing its views and to ensure freedom to the peoples to express their views through discussion and dialogue .

HE Al Kuwari said that the State of Qatar is working to reformulate the concept of foreign policy as an international policy in addition to enhance its official diplomatic relations with friendly countries to support the civil society in order to achieve the values of democracy .

He revealed that there are many common national interests between the two countries, which related to the long history of strategic , economic, political and cultural relations .

HE Qatar’s Ambassador to the United States said through these joint relations, Qatar is seeking to take advantage of modern models of sustainable development, enhancing human rights, freedom of expression and supporting democratic institutions in Qatar and the Middle East.

Talking about Qatar’s initiatives to boost roles of women and youth in achieving sustainable development, especially in the least developing areas, HE Al Kuwari said that Qatar contributed over US $1 Billion annually in foreign humanitarian and developmental aid to more than 100 countries.

Pursuant to vision of Qatar’s political leadership, Qatar has become the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas in the world in less than 15 years , expressing about desire of the State of Qatar in expanding scope of understanding with the U.S. Congress and working to achieve its obligations as an Arab country to reach to a Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem.

He noted the achievement of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis will transfer human rights obligations from words into actions, the matter which will ensure achievement of regional security.(QNA)

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