South Korea Imposes Travel Ban on Libya

Seoul, July 30 (QNA) – South Korea on Wednesday imposed a travel ban on Libya again as spiraling violence in the African country has raised security concerns.

Seoul’s foreign ministry said it decided to raise its travel alert for Libya by one notch to the highest level, citing grave concerns for security in the country. The move will be effective for six months, according to Yonhap news agency.

Since mid-July, South Korea, which has a four-tier travel advisory system, has strongly recommended that local companies withdraw their staff or reduce the number of their workers at an early date, the ministry said.

In 2011, Seoul put a travel ban on Libya amid intense anti-government protests and lifted it at the end of that year. Currently, about 20 Korean companies, mostly builders, are doing business in Libya, with an estimated 500 South Koreans staying there. (QNA)

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