Social Affairs Concludes Leadership Empowerment Course

Doha, October 18 (QNA) – A leadership empowerment course, organized within the social protection strategy, was concluded today a the headquarters of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The course, which was attended by more than 45 trainees from various government organizations, was aimed  to give trainees many skills including the religious terms of reference in empowerment and the definition of leadership empowerment, its nature and importance and to identify its approaches and means as well as the explanation of the  obstacles facing it.
The course  dealt with  how to apply the transfer of control from the management authority to subordinates to achieve the institution’s goals, and to focus  on delegating to individuals greater authority in the exercise of control and shouldering of responsibility.
The three-day course was also aimed to teach participants non-conventional methods whereby managers would share with their subordinates the influence in the decision-making process by giving them the authority and the opportunity to lead in solving organizational problems.
The Ministry of Social Affairs, through leadership empowerment programme, to spread an organizational culture that encourages individuals to take responsibility for the development of their methods by gradually delegating responsibility to workers in enterprises to entrust individuals with more responsibilities and give them decision-making power in the lower organizational levels.
At the end of the course, certificates were distributed to participants. (QNA)

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