Sheikh Abdullah highlights freedom of expression

WAM Abu Dhabi, Dec 12th, 2012 (WAM)–H. H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister and Chairman of National Media Council (NMC) has said the UAE continues its quest for better and more effective government that could provide basic services and encourage participation of citizens in the nation-building to tune with UAE’s unique success story.

He added in an interview published today by Al Rouyia daily that the state exercises freedom of expression based on respect of others, noting that the freedom of expression should not contribute in any way to dismantling of community cohesion.

Sheikh Abdullah noted that the tolerance and freedom of expression earned the UAE excellent international status and attracted over 200 nationalities who live in the country.

Sheikh Abdullah said the state urges Emiratis to join the media work, being a strong source of strength that could further bolster the UAE national identity, hinting that Emirati women will occupy more senior posts in the next period.

He called for professional media to keep pace with the global developments at the same time responds to the aspirations of individuals for freedom of expression.

“We are all aware that the media sector since the establishment of the Union before 41 years ago was and still one of the elements of sustainable development in the UAE. The state has developed the media through the creation of integrated infrastructure based on the latest global, professional and technical trends”, he added.


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