Security Council Adopts Resolution 2175, Calls for Protection of Humanitarian Personnel

New York, August 29 (QNA) – The Security Council has unanimously adopted resolution 2175, and laid out several steps to halt ‘increasingly common’ attacks on humanitarian workers.

The resolution strongly condemned all forms of violence and intimidation against those participating in humanitarian operations, and urged states to ensure accountability for crimes against such personnel. It reaffirmed the obligation of all parties involved in an armed conflict to comply with international law to “ensure the respect and protection of all humanitarian personnel and United Nations and associated personnel.”
While calling for full, unimpeded access to all people in need of humanitarian assistance and for relevant parties to make available all necessary facilities for humanitarian operations, the resolution builds in particular on resolution 1502 on the protection of UN personnel, associated workers and humanitarian people in conflict zones, adopted in 2003 in the aftermath of an attack on the UN compound in Iraq in 2003. (QNA)

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