Russia Strengthen its Air Defenses to Advanced “S-400” Missiles

Moscow June 23 (QNA) – Moscow will boost its air defenses in Russian Far East to systems of advanced missiles, model “S-400”, a Russian military official announced here Monday.

In a statement to reporters here today , the Media official in the military Eastern Russian region, Roman Martov said that the air defense will be strengthen in the Peninsula of “Kamchatka” in the Eastern bisects of Asian Russia to the systems of “S-400” missile.

The elements of a unity of the air defense missiles forces in the city of “Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky” received a few months ago, appropriate training at the training center in “Gatchina” city in northwest bisects of European Russia.

The official media added that they were trained to run the system of “S-400”, which will be received soon by the air defense forces in the north-east of Russia.

The developed “S-400” missile system is allocated to ward off air attacks conducted by aircrafts or missiles. It is capable of destroying tactical and strategic aviation’s aircraft and ballistic missiles, including aircrafts and missiles that are faster than the sound. (QNA)

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