RTA applies international standards in Customer Service

2014-01-09 12:51:21
WAM DUBAI, 9th January, 2014 (WAM) — The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is adopting the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction in offering a variety of services via affiliated customer service centres observing world-class customer service standards, measuring up to the best practices of the industry.
Ahmed Mahboob, Director of Customer Service, RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector, said, “The RTA is continuously seeking to apply best practices, aligned with the highest international standards of delivering excellent services capable of addressing customer needs and boosting their satisfaction, especially visitors to customer service centres in Dubai. This is particularly important as our endeavours are based on the mechanisms set by the �Dubai, The Model Centre’, which is seeking to upgrade the quality of government services across the board.
“The implementation of international standards in delivering top class services is primarily intended to establish a standard platform for assessing the quality of deliverables provided by customer service centres, and reaping the multiple benefits ensuing from the implementation of such procedures, which include: leveraging the performance of customer services, and understanding and applying excellence in customers service with a view to ensuring better service offering, and achieving high scores in the model set by the �Dubai, The Model Centre’,” added Mahboob.
“The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE), which sets the international standards for customers’ service, focuses on the importance of measuring performance through the service quality model, which focuses on five core aspects that set the basis for service excellence: policy, services, establishment, operations and employees. Throughout the year, all-inclusive training workshops will be held with the aim of upgrading the services rendered to customers, and instilling appropriate means of communication within various spectrums of the community.
“Tangible deliverables resulting from the implementation of international standards of excellent customer service include the training of 15 employees as internal auditors to verify the implementation of these standards, and the creation of a comprehensive plan for each RTA customer service centre, focused on the adoption of the highest practices,” Mahboob concluded.

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