Racist Media Campaign ‘Will Not Affect’ Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Plans

Doha, June 12 (QNA) – Qatar’s proven experience in hosting major sports events ensures its plans to successfully organise the FiFA World Cup in 2022 will come to fruition and leave a lasting sustainable legacy to the world of football, an editorial commentary published Thursday by Arabic language daily Al Rayya said.

Racist campaign by a section of the international media will not undermine Qatar’s plans to host the 2022 edition of World Cup. There is nothing surreptitious about winning the bid to host the event which awarded to Qatar after due process.

The allegations are motivated and fabricated. FIFA has revealed irrefutable facts on this issue, Al Rayya said.

The western sports media whips up every day reports vilifying Qatar’s honour and efforts to host the event in 2022, the editorial said.

Such contentious reports, released by a section of the western media, are baseless and malicious, the newspaper said and mentioned FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s scathing attack on those “seeking to destroy” the body responsible for governing the world’s most popular sport.

This clearly indicates the vitriolic criticism against FIFA awarding Qatar the rights to host the World Cup, conforming to its stipulated norms, reeks of racism.

Former FIFA Secretary-General Michel Zen-Ruffinen’s vigorous refutation of these fabricated reports on the alleged corruption scandal vindicates Qatar’s stand that these allegations are fabricated and racist. It is an attempt by a football lobby, which has vested interests in perpetuating western domination of FIFA, to fulfil their goals and deny an Arab state, among other countries, to organise major international tournaments.

The Al Rayya editorial regrets the spectre of baseless allegations against a country awarded to host the football finals. FIFA does not randomly choose who gets the rights to host the finals, but awards it on the merits of bidder’s file. Qatar won the vote on the basis of its impressive bid file and a commitment to deliver its promises.

In the light of this, the criticism and misleading information unleashed by a section of the western media is unfair and despicable, the editorial said and concluded saying, such allegations should not be ignored since that would undermine the credibility of FIFA, President Blatter and football federations of Africa and Asia. (QNA)

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