Qatar University’s (QU) Research and Graduate Studies Sector, in cooperation with a QU-Health Professional, concluded the series of Wednesday’s research activities with a special episode entitled “Doctors of Heaven’s Borders: Scientific Achievements for Graduates of the College of Medicine at Qatar University,” which hosted four students from the first cohort of the College of Medicine, a member QU-Health.

The students participated in this episode: Fatima Al-Mohannadi, Qutaiba Obaid, Muhammad Ahmad Badi' and Mona Saad. The episode was moderated by Suhad Daher-Nashif, Assistant Professor of Population Medicine at College of Medicine. Dr. Nashif gave the episode an introduction about the College of Medicine, which included the year of its establishment and the number of students affiliated with it. Then, an open dialogue took place with the students about their experience in studying medicine at Qatar University, challenges, supporting factors, achievements and advice for future generations.

About their feelings in this transitional stage from being students to doctors and colleagues; Student Fatima Al-Mohannadi noted the feelings of pride and excitement mixed with some feelings of fear and sadness of leaving the college after spending years, and that they are confident that they will be doctors with a great deal of responsibility and humanity.

Regarding the challenges that students faced during their learning, the student Qutaiba Obaid mentioned that, “The challenges started from the first day of their transition from high school to university, and there was a difference in the method of teaching, the quality of books and the method of learning, and that success in overcoming these challenges is contingent on giving up some luxuries, discipline, perseverance and diligence.”

The factors that helped them overcome the difficulties associated with the fact that the college is new and that they are the first batch of graduates; The student, Mona Saad, mentioned that one of the most important factors that helped them is the mutual support between the students, the support of the faculty, lecturers and administration, as well as the support of other students from other faculties.

The student Muhammad mentioned that the relationship of partnership and fellowship in doing research between students and professors in the college; Contributed to preparing students for fellowship and partnership in the hospital environment, which contributed to the development of his research and acceptance in the College of Medicine and to work with his professors on new research projects that add knowledge in their field of specialization.

All of the participants spoke extensively about their previous and current research with their professors and doctors at Hamad Hospital, emphasizing the importance of these studies and their dissemination to medical students, as it facilitates admission to specializations and future postgraduate studies.

How to reconcile study, research and private life; Student Fatima Al-Mohannadi pointed out the importance of the student-researcher to love what he is doing, meaning that the passion for research facilitates dealing with the pressure of study and research together.

Qutaiba talked about the importance of revealing the characteristics of any disease in the community to know the causes and the correct treatment as well. While Mohammed emphasized by mentioning the importance of research commensurate with the needs of society and serving to overcome the factors that contribute to the spread of certain diseases. Mona Saad added that it is important to be able to transfer knowledge from the laboratory to the hospital in order to benefit the patients.

In the end, all the participants discussed their future plans and the reasons and factors that helped them choose their specialties, they gave advice to medical students in general and students of the College of Medicine at Qatar University in particular.