Qatar University (QU) participated in a Virtual Diabetes Symposium at EASD202. A symposium of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) Reactive Metabolite Study Group (RSMG) has been co-organized by Dr. Naila Rabbani, Professor of Basic Medical Sciences at College of Medicine, Qatar University and Dr. Paul Thornalley, Director of the Diabetes Research Center at Qatar Biomedical Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU). Dr Maha Al-Asmakh, Department head of biomedical science, College of Health Sciences and Professor Naila Rabbani chaired the symposium as part of the EASD 2021 virtual conference.

On September 28, the Reactive Metabolites Study Group (RMSG) Symposium took place which mainly focused on Reactive metabolites and increased risk of severe COVID-19 disease in obesity and diabetes. The speakers at the symposium were: Dr Antonio Ceriello (IRCCS, Milan, Italy) and Dr. Paul Thornalley (QBRI, HBKU). They presented current views on the role of reactive metabolites in COVID 19.

Dr. Naila said: “This symposium will present and discuss recent advances made by researchers at QU and QBRI in the involvement of methylglyoxal in risk of severe COVID 19 in obesity and diabetes.”

Dr. Thornalley said: “my presentation is on “Increased methylglyoxal in obesity and diabetes – friend or foe of SARS-CoV2? And coming to the conclusion increased methylglyoxal increases the risk of severe COVID 19 in Obesity and diabetes.”

Dr Maha commented, “We are planning to explore this as a source of risk predictors for severe Covid-19”

The Reactive Metabolites Study Group (RMSG) Symposium forms part of the EASD’s 57th Annual Meeting which was attended by 900 participants. Took place on September 27th September till 1st October, the EASD annual conference highlighted the latest results in diabetes and related research.