Five students from Qatar University College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) participated in the 2nd International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) case based learning competition (CBL).

Participants were divided into four groups and each group comprised of four members from the different EMRO regions. A hypertension case was distributed among the groups and a period of one week was given for solving the case. CPH students participating in the competition included: Professional Year 3 Mounyah Basil, Professional Year 3 Shaima Bashir, Professional Year 2 Fatima Nazar, Professional Year 2 Emelith Cerbito and Professional Year 1 Laila ElMancy. On the day of the event all groups had the opportunity to discuss and present their management plan for the case. Emelith Cerbito and Laila ElMancy were in the winning team.

QU-CPH Dean, Dr Mohammad Diab commented: “No doubt that competitions are of extreme importance in the learning curve of students; it teaches them to become inquisitive, research independently, and learn to work with others. Believing in the importance of contesting and co-learning and in line with CPH goals to foster integration of knowledge and skills, and to develop our student's general and professional abilities, we have and always will encourage our students to participate in such competitions and harvest awards that highly reflects on the quality of learning they are provided with.”

Emelith and Laila were delighted to be part of the winning team. Emelith commented: “It was indeed an unforgettable learning experience to be working with students from other countries. Though it was challenging, we were determined to work together as a team to solve the case. I certainly believe that this self-directed learning experience and the skill to search for the best evidence to back up your recommendation is crucial to ensure optimal patient outcomes.”

Laila commented: “I am extremely honored to be part of the winning team at the CBL competition. This experience taught me how to collaborate with pharmacy students from different countries to solve a challenging hypertension case using the best available evidence-based treatment. This achievement would not have been possible without the inspiration I have received from my College.”