Qatar University (QU) Research Summer Internship is a training program for undergraduate and graduate students that provides training in research methods, characterization techniques, application processes, and technical writing.

The program aims to develop research skills in graduate and undergraduate students of all the colleges at QU. The faculty and staff of research centers will mentor students to contribute to several courses and their research topics and activities. The program for this year will take place from 6 June till 1 July 2021.

As the precautionary measures followed by Qatar University to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Internship Program this year will be conducted through the established online platforms. The registration will close on the 24th May 2021. The interested students across QU colleges can visit the webpage of the Research and Graduate Studies Sector at Qatar University website.

The internship program will cover a broad range of courses and topics offered by ten research centers. These centers are: Center for Advanced Materials (CAM), Environmental Science Center (ESC), Biomedical Research Center (BRC), Laboratory Animal Research Center (LARC), Central Laboratories Unit (CLU), Young Scientists Center (YSC), Social & Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI), Ibn Khaldon Center for Humanities & Social Sciences, Gas Processing Center (GPC) and National Center for Educational Development (NCED).

The directors, technical managers, and faculty members of the respective centers took a keen interest in designing the Summer Research Internship 2021 program and decided to deliver 29 courses in relevant subjects.

Qatar University has a plan to continue its efforts to conduct such a program every summer and to enhance research culture and participation of undergraduate and graduate students in research activities. This program constitutes a milestone in the transformational plan of Qatar University, as a step forward for promoting research culture at the level of students and build the knowledge-based society in Qatar.

To broaden the mission and geographical target of the program, this year, for the first time, it will be open for international students. Selected and interested students from the Academic Network for Development Dialogue (ANDD) will be invited to participate in the courses relevant to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This approach will enhance the partnerships and collaboration with more than 25 international universities.

The Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies, Prof. Mariam Al-Maadeed while emphasizing the need for such programs, she said, ”Our students are the true investment for the future of Qatar, they are the new generation that will transform our economy and enrich our society. Furthermore, as we believe that QU has an important international academic role, we decided to expand the program to accommodate students from the region and beyond.”

Dr. Abdelbary Elhissi, Director of Research Planning and Development at Qatar University, expressing the importance of the Summer Research Internship 2021 program stated that: “This program opens the gate for students on the world of research and innovation and equips them with an important strategic tool needed to serve the national development needs of Qatar to participate in the future of this country. The expansion of this program provides evidence about the important role that QU can play not only to promote research at the national level, but also in the region and worldwide”.