QF to Hold Second Qatar Biobank Congress on March 14

Doha, - A number of leading biomedical experts will address topics relating to precision medicine during the second edition of the Qatar Biobank Congress, which takes place on March 14 and 15 at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC).

Held under the theme "The Impact of Biobanking on Precision Medicine Initiatives," the conference will bring together top medical practitioners and researchers in biobanking, genomics and personalized medicine to discuss the field of biomedical science and the growing use of precision medicine to improve clinical outcomes.

On the first day of the conference, the congress will learn how the Qatar Population Biobank Project aims to establish a research enterprise platform to achieve significant improvement in diagnostic and prognostic intelligence required to deliver personalized healthcare.

During the session of 'Population Biobanks: Goals and Perspectives' light will be shed on how population cohorts have greatly contributed to increased scientific understanding of the causes of chronic diseases. Furthermore key insights will be offered into the unique role of cohorts in research focused on the interaction between genetic and epigenetic characteristics in combination with environmental exposures and endogenous and metabolic characteristics.

Qatar Biobank Congress will also review a paper entitled "Genomic Cancer Research: Identification of Molecular Signature of Common Diseases" that will examine how the study of different human populations offers insights into disease pathogenesis.

The panel discussion on 'The Importance of Human Disease Biobank' will explore the role of tissue banking in accessing the promises of precision or personalized medicine, especially where new targets need to be discovered for new therapies, accompanied by the need for the discovery of new biomarkers.

The informative session entitled "Islamic Ethical Deliberations on Genomics (1993-2015): Main Approaches, Key Questions and Future Research Agenda" will shed light on ethical deliberations within the Islamic tradition on genomics.

A number of notable speakers from inside and outside Qatar will lead panel discussions throughout the conference.

Source: Qatar News Agency