QCCI’S Businessmen Meets Bermuda’s Premier

Doha, October 11 (QNA) – A delegation representing Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) held a meeting here on Thursday with Prime Minister of Bermuda Paula Cox, who is now visiting Qatar .
During the meeting attended by a number of Qatari businessmen and other Bermudian officials , scopes of joint cooperation in business, tourism , insurance , building and hotel industry areas, were taken up.
Paula Cox voiced her country’s aspiration for extending ties of cooperation and relations with the Middle Eastern countries to create a joint cooperation area covering several investment fields noting however that ties of cooperation are still confined to the individual level only, calling meantime for expanding such cooperation to cover wider scopes and be on higher levels.
For his part, Mohammed Bin Ahmad Bin Towar Al Kuwari, the QCCI’s Deputy Board Chairman, voiced more hopes for launching new scopes of joint cooperation affirming the QCCI’s full preparedness to provide all necessary data and information to the Bermudian businessmen for initiating real parternships with the Qatari side.
Al Kuwari meanwhile indicated that the Qatari government is working on encouraging and supporting the Qatari businessmen to capture and occupy a higher and competative position in the global market.
Bermuda Prime Minister Paula Cox arrived in Doha  earlier Tuesday on a two-day official visit to Qatar.(QNA)

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