Qatar’s ambassador to Russia: The visit of His Highness the Emir to Moscow constituted the driving force for the development of relations between the two countries

Moscow - His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Nasser Al Thani, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Russian Federation, said that the visit of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, "may God protect him", to Moscow in March 2018, and the talks that His Highness held with His Excellency the Russian President Vladimir Putin It was the most important "driving force" in developing relations between Qatar and Russia, noting that the two countries' hosting of the World Cup added close cooperation relations in wider and deeper fields.

His Excellency affirmed in an interview with the Russian newspaper "Kommersant" that the State of Qatar adopts in our foreign relations the principle of respecting sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of states.

His Excellency noted that the absence of Iran in the three-way Qatari-Turkish-Russian consultative framework cannot be interpreted as a position on Iran. “All that is in the matter is that there are issues that can no longer be stopped silently, and urgent action is needed to deal with them, foremost among which is the situation. The tragic humanitarian affliction of our brothers in Syria. "

He added, "By virtue of the nature of the role of each of the countries, the framework came in its current form, that is, the tripartite framework, but no one has any intention to be a substitute for the other, or to alienate others and limit their roles. Iran of course has an active role in the Syrian crisis, and it is present in Syria We welcome any role that will be in the interest of the Syrian people, the important Russian and Turkish roles, as well as Iran's role in the region. "

His Excellency explained that there is a common understanding about the Syrian crisis between Qatar and Russia and there is a convergence in the positions, indicating that Qatar is working with Russia to end the tragedy of the Syrian people. Qatar does not support any extremist groups. "

In response to a question about Qatar's willingness to play a mediating role in the dialogue between Iran and the Arab Gulf states, His Excellency said, "Doha has announced its readiness to play a mediating role in the dialogue between our brothers in the Gulf countries and Iran, as well as the discussions between the administration of US President Joe Biden and the government of Iran if it receives Such requests. "

He added, "We welcome all ideas about the common security of the countries of the Arab Gulf region, and we are confident that an Arab dialogue with Iran is not just possible, but a necessity for the benefit of all. We view positively the role of Russia and its wise policy in strengthening relations between the countries of the region and on our side we hope that there will be An understanding between the countries of the region. "

His Excellency stated that one of his priorities as ambassador of the State of Qatar in Russia is to contribute to deepening friendship and relations between the two countries in all fields.

His Excellency pointed out that the State of Qatar has great potential for investment around the world as it looks towards Russia in this direction, noting that at the beginning of June, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will be held, and Qatar will participate as a guest of honor.

He added, "There is no doubt that talking about Russian investments in Qatar does not mean that we do not have the capacity to finance our projects. Rather, it is a gateway to expand areas of cooperation between business sectors in the two countries, and for Russian capital to enter the Qatari market, as the State of Qatar is one of the most stable countries in the economic and security field." ".

His Excellency the ambassador pointed out that to the best of his knowledge, Russian businessmen prefer to invest in the real estate sector. "In Qatar, we can propose to them real estate projects. Qatar has a distinct geographical location, and a large beach on the sea, and this in itself constitutes a potential for promising investments."

His Excellency explained that "the relations between the State of Qatar and the Russian Federation are constantly developing, especially economic cooperation, and then cooperation in the field of security has been added, as well as in the military field. Our relations are transparent and contacts are strengthened between the security services in the two countries, and there is close cooperation between them."

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs